Encaustic Art / Beeswax Painting

I began working with encaustic medium around 2018 and since have created and sold dozens of original works. I love that it reaches multiple senses: sight, smell, and touch. As you can see, my subject matter varies, but it usually has a connection to nature in some way. I grew up in rural northeast Ohio, where my entertainment often included walks in woods and meadows and wading in the pond. When I take the time to look closely at a bird or photograph a tree line, it takes me back to that time of curiosity and wonderment.

Suncaustics and Cyanotype Prints

I discovered how easy and fun it was to create cyanotypes in early 2021. Since they are all on high quality watercolor paper, I naturally tried to cover some with wax and loved the results. Sometimes I’ll add pastel or alcohol ink pigments on top of the wax for even more drama. I came up with the term “suncaustic” – calling them mixed media is not specific enough since they blend two of my favorite media.

Handcrafted Jewelry

I have been making jewelry to sell since 2012 when I stayed home to raise my daughter. Some pieces have the most beautiful vintage beads, and others are a pleasing combination of components you don’t normally see together. The pieces are often one of a kind since I rarely make the same piece twice.