Born and raised in northeast Ohio, I obtained a B.A. in Studio Art at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. While there I concentrated in drawing and ceramics. I have taken additional college courses in pottery, drawing, and graphic design. More recently, I’ve completed online workshops from Alicia Tormey and Essence of Mulranny. Both those courses provided several avenues for me to practice more complex encaustic techniques.

I began to use encaustic wax medium in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the artform. Using both heat and beeswax was, to me, an obvious connection to my background in ceramics. While I can control many aspects of what I create with melted beeswax, the end results are often out of my control. Versatility and the element of surprise in my work always keeps me challenged and interested.

The beauty and patterns found in the natural world are endless, magical muses. I grew up in the country, where my entertainment often included walks in woods and meadows and wading in our pond. I love to recreate fond memories of observing nature. A unique collection of photos and artifacts from my ancestors also serves to aid and inspire much of my work. Time spent working on art is often coupled with wondering how my deceased relatives might have lived or thought – it’s a connection I keep to loved ones who died when I was young or those I never knew. I have always gravitated to fairy tales, enchanted forests, Hobbit houses, and the like. My work is most gratifying when it emits an otherworldly feeling while maintaining a foundation of realism.

I donate at minimum, 10% of my business profits to the local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). I hope to help those in my community who are affected by mental illness.

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